Comforter Doudou Elephant Tembo

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The comforter doudou is a baby’s first friend and an indispensable companion from birth. Comforters are particularly suitable for newborns and premature babies. They have many grasping possibilities for small hands. A pacifier holder is attached to make the comforter more suitable for babies’ everyday life. Tip: Buy two at once- so you can alternate when one of the comforters is in the washing machine and avoid tears when your little one is without one.

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  • Soft and supple comforter doudou- Playmate and comforting cuddly friend in difficult times- Suitable for newborns and premature babies
  • Ideal for the development of gross and fine motor skills- thanks to the grasping possibilities: head with ears- bows and labels
  • Practical detail: attachment for the dummy
  • maintenance-friendly: machine washable at 30°C